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Hallo muziekvrienden! Welkom op mijn Studio website. Het digitale centrum van alles wat ik muzikaal doe en heb gedaan. Ik heb in vele bands gespeeld en heb vaak FOH gemixt, maar sinds enkele jaren ben ik me meer en meer gaan richten op songwriting en mixing en daarom leek het me een goed idee om alles te combineren op één website…

Als je op zoek bent naar een mogelijkheid tot het opnemen en/of mixen van muziek of om een andere muzikale samenwerking aan te gaan, dan ben je op de juiste plek! Kijk en luister wat ik te bieden heb en neem contact op.

Maurice Beekman
Mei 2017
Hello music friends! Welcome to my Studio website. The digital center of all i did and am doing musically. I’ve played in many bands and did a lot of FOH mixing, but since a few years I’m focusing more and more on songwriting and mixing and it seemed a good idea to combine everything on a central website…

If you are looking for recording and/or mixing or some other musical collaboration, then you’re in the right place! Watch and listen to what i can offer and contact me at any time.

Maurice Beekman
May 2017

Recording, Mixing, Mastering



Tracks Preview

Mixed by Maurice Beekman
Mixed by Maurice Beekman
Mixed by Maurice Beekman

Mixed by Maurice Beekman
Mixed by Maurice Beekman
Mixed by Maurice Beekman

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Ben je op zoek naar een opname/mix met een authentieke sound, maar je budget laat het niet toe om gebruik te maken van dure vintage apparatuur? Dan moet je zeker eens kijken wat ik je kan bieden. Mijn studio setup is volledig ingericht op het maken van recordings op een traditionele manier, maar met de voordelen van het volledig digitaal mixen.

My home studio for mixing and recording

Over the years i’ve been building my own mixing studio. Starting with lots of analog outboard gear but now almost 100% digital, relying on high quality plugins fomr e.g. Steven Slate and Waves. The only analog gear i use is for the recordings (preamps, DI’s, compressors and microphones).

Maurice Beekman

The recording studio for rehearsing and recording

Together with my good friend Koos (who owns the recording studio) we built this studio for rehearsal and for recording purposes. All gear is there and can be used to create music!

Maurice Beekman


Let's work together!

All what i’ve learned in the past years started with helpfull people on the internet, kindly helping me with all my questions. And still at this moment i’m involved in different online collaborations, learning every day. At the same time i like to give back time and advice to the music community and try to help in any way i can. I’m always working on a music project one way or the other and always looking for new music adventures. If you have an interesting project or need help in recording, mixing, creating music, etc, dont’t hesitate to contact me!

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Feel free to contact me

If you need assistance with recording, mixing or online collaboration, don’t hesitate to contact me!    


As a kid i started my “music career” on a organ but soon after they came to market i shifted to keyboards and synthesizers. Over the years i’ve played in many bands with different styles and had so much fun playing all kind of styles. At this moment i’m the keyboard player in the band JamCat and if you’re interested visit the website!
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